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Selling a Rural/Lifestyle Property

Selling a rural or lifestyle property is a specialist field.  Building relationships with buyers requires the ability to understand their needs and wants and provide them with the specialist knowledge they require to make their decisions.  At Cambridge Real Estate we have salespeople with local knowledge and rural expertise to help market your lifestyle block or farm to as broad a range of buyers as possible.  Most of them live on their own block, or have done so in the past, which gives our team practical experience to help you achieve your sale.

We ensure no stone is left unturned in our quest to find the buyer for your property.  Our objective is to get you the best possible price for your property preferably in the least possible time and with the minimum of fuss to you.  Selling your property is one of the most financially and personally signficant challenges you will face, therefore, we've developed an approach that gives you a professional, carefully planned, stress free, and ultimately a profitable experience.

We believe the best way to secure the highest price for your property is to get more buyers to view your home.  To achieve this we create comprehensive marketing programs to attract buyers. We make it no secret that we purposefully attract local active buyers, out of area buyers, passive buyers, international buyers, and owner occupiers in order to get them to compete for your property.

If you're thinking of selling, leave nothing to chance - call one of our salespeople in.



Our vibrant town is constantly evolving, and we choose to evolve with it! Our Residential Team consists of 11 full-time specialists with experience in both local and national real estate sales.

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Lifestyle & Rural

Cambridge is known for its stunning rural and lifestyle backdrop, which fringes the bustling town. Our Lifestyle & Rural specialists understand the intricacies and marketability of rural and lifestyle real estate, achieving incredible results for our vendors.

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