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Sellers Guide to Auctions

What is a real estate auction?

A real estate auction is a method of selling a property through the process of public negotiation to determine the true market value of the property at that time.

The benefits of an Auction

Sense of urgency: The auction day deadline sets a finite selling period and creates a sense of urgency amongst customers.
Buyer competition: An auction creates the conditions for customer competition - which can lead to a premium price.
Options:  You remain free to consider any offers before Auction day, if you choose to.
Certainty: Customers must bid on an unconditional basis - no complicated conditions.



Our vibrant town is constantly evolving, and we choose to evolve with it! Our Residential Team consists of 11 full-time specialists with experience in both local and national real estate sales.

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Lifestyle & Rural

Cambridge is known for its stunning rural and lifestyle backdrop, which fringes the bustling town. Our Lifestyle & Rural specialists understand the intricacies and marketability of rural and lifestyle real estate, achieving incredible results for our vendors.

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